Hart Attack Tattoo


The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas houses not only scores of pokergames but is also home to the famed Hart and Huntington Tattoo shop. Hart and Huntington originally launched in 2003 at the Palms but moved to The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in 2009. After opening the store Hart went on to develop the A&E reality show “Inked” which featured his shop as the primary setting. Hart and Huntington also have shops located in Honolulu, Orlando, and at Universal Citywalk.

In addition to owning Hart and Huntington, Hart also owns the Wasted Life nightclub which is also located at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Hart, a life long fan of punk and rock music, has also played bass for the band Pennywise and has appeared in music videos for both his wife Pink and friend Kid Rock.

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